Why do Clouds Appear White

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Why do Clouds Appear White?

Why do Clouds Appear White?

Whenever you look towards the sky, you must have seen the clouds that add to the beauty of the sky. Seeing them, one thing must have come to your mind: why do clouds appear white? There are many colors present in our nature, then why do we not see the clouds yellow, blue, green, why do we see only white? If you are also interested in knowing the answer to this question, then in today's article you will definitely get the answer to this question. 

Before knowing why clouds appear white, let us know how clouds are formed?

Because knowing the process of cloud formation, you will understand to a great extent why clouds appear white. So let's know how clouds are formed?

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How are clouds formed? 

Whenever the temperature of our earth starts increasing, the water of the sea, lake, pond, and river in the earth starts to evaporate by the heat of the sun. 

This hot air containing vapor, being lighter, starts rising upwards. Moving upwards, it gradually cools down and turns into small droplets. These tiny droplets are so light that they float in the air.

Due to the decrease in the temperature upwards, when the air containing more vapor gets accumulated in one place, its appearance becomes like smoke, this form of water containing vapor is called cloud.

This water vapor condenses on the dust and smoke particles and turns into droplets, these droplets fall on our earth in the form of rain. And we get rainwater.

Definition of clouds: The visible amount of water particles or snow particles formed by the condensation of water vapor present in the atmosphere is called clouds.

Now you must have known how clouds are formed. So let us know why clouds appear white.

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Why do clouds appear white?

Clouds are visible to us due to the reflection of light. Let us know how this process happens. 

As you read above, the cloud is made up of small droplets of water vapor. And when the sunlight falls on these small droplets present in the cloud, then these droplets reflect the light coming from the sun. The rays of the sun are scattered in many parts, therefore any color present in the sunlight is not absorbed by the clouds. And only white color remains in the clouds, that is why we see the clouds as white. 

In simple language, " we see the color of the clouds as white due to the reflection of sunlight by the droplets present in the clouds."

Now you must have got the answer to your question: Why do clouds appear white? 

Now a question must have come to your mind that apart from white clouds, black clouds and red clouds are also visible in the sky. Now how is this possible? Whereas we told you above that the droplets present in the cloud reflect the light of the sun.

So let's know why this happens. First of all, know why clouds appear black?

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Why do Clouds appear Black? 

You must have noticed one thing before the storm or rain, there are thick dark clouds in the sky. Why does this happen? 

Let us tell you that the black color of the clouds is due to their thickness. That is, before it rains, the amount of water droplets in the cloud is very high, due to which the clouds become very dense.

The denser the clouds, the less sunlight will pass through them. So that the droplets present in the cloud absorb the sunlight and do not allow its light to reach the earth so that we can see the clouds as dark. 

Hope you have understood why clouds appear black. 

Let us now know why clouds appear red?

Why do clouds appear red?

If you have ever seen clouds in the sky in the morning and evening, then you must have noticed that the color of the clouds is red in the morning and evening. This is because the Sun is at a greater distance from the Earth in the morning and evening than during the day. And the rays coming from the Sun have to travel a greater distance to reach the Earth. 

Since out of all the colors present in sunlight, red light has the longest wavelength and red color has the least scattering. Therefore, we cannot see the color of other rays of the sun.

Therefore, we see only red in the morning and evening. This is the reason why we see the clouds red in the morning and evening.

We have tried to explain to you the different colors of clouds in very easy language. Hope you like the information given by us.

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