Why is the Sky Blue

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During the day, whenever you look at the sky from the earth, the color of the sky appears blue. Seeing the sky, a question will always come to mind: why is the sky blue? If you have been a student of science, then you Must have read this question.

Maybe many of you know the reason for this and if you do not know the reason then don’t worry, you will know the reason for it in today's article. 

So let us know why is the sky blue?

Why is the Sky Blue?

Due to the atmosphere of the earth, we see the color of the sky blue, let's know-how? 

You will be surprised to know that in reality, the sky has no color, which means that the sky is colorless. In uneven, there is an excess of nitrogen and oxygen which are colorless gasses. Then how do we see the sky blue? Let us know it -

Why is the sky blue

The Earth's atmosphere is made up of a mixture of different gasses, dust particles, and other microscopic substances. When the light coming from the Sun enters the Earth's atmosphere, it collides with the particles present in the atmosphere. Upon colliding with the particles, the light either passes through the particle, or the light is scattered by the particles in all directions in the atmosphere. This phenomenon is due to the “scattering of light.”

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Of the seven colors of the Sun, red has the longest wavelength, due to which this red color is scattered very little. Whereas the wavelength of blue is very short, due to which it is scattered in the atmosphere. This is the reason why we see the sky blue.  

Let us know what is the scattering of light, due to which we see the sky blue. 

What is the scattering of light?

There are 7 colors in sunlight. Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red (VIBGYOR) All these colors have different wavelengths. 

Of these, purple, indigo, and blue have the shortest wavelength, while red, orange has the longest wavelength.  

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According to Lord Rayleigh, The scattering of color depends on its wavelength, that is, the color of light which has the shortest wavelength, that color is scattered the most in the atmosphere and the color of light which has the longest wavelength. The scattering of that color is the least, that is, that color spreads the least in the atmosphere.”

As you also read above that the wavelength of the blue color is shortest, so the blue color spreads in the atmosphere and we see the sky blue. 

Hope you must have known the answer, Why is Sky Blue?

Some other important facts -

  • Why is the color of the sky blue - due to the scattering of light 
  • Which color of the light has the shortest wavelength - blue 
  • Which color of the light has the longest wavelength - red 
  • What happens due to the scattering of light - the blue color of the sky and the redness of the sun at sunrise and sunset
  • How many colors are there in sunlight - 7 (VIBGYOR)

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