Express ways in India

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What are expressways:

Expressways are high-quality traffic roads to connect multiple cities in less time and with more comfort. These roads are different than highways and local roads. These roads may be of 6 lanes to 8 lanes. The width of each lane may be from 2.73 meters to 3.9 meters.

As of June 2020, there is a total of 26 expressways that are operational or running, 29 expressways that are under construction, 16 expressways are planned to be constructed in upcoming years and 11 are planned under the BharatMala project.

Difference between Expressway and Highway:

Expressways are different than highways because of the following reasons.

  1. Limited access - There are only a few entry points and exits to enter in expressways so have limited access.
  2. Service Lanes - Expressways consists of service lanes where required. Service lanes are the roads parallel to expressway roads that have entry and exit points and used for purpose of entering and exit from expressways.
  3. Elevated roads - Roads are elevated where required. In some cities, it is possible that there is some residential land from where the expressway is passing. In these situations, expressway roads are elevated.
  4. Controlled by the central government - These roads are constructed and maintained by Central Government.

Some main expressways of India:

1.  Amritsar–Jamnagar Expressway: This expressway connects Amritsar (Punjab) and Jamnagar (Gujrat). It's about 1316 KM long. This passes from Amritsar,  Faridkot, Bhatinda, Abohar, Sri Ganganagar, Bikaner, Nagaur, Jodhpur, Radhanpur, Samkhiyali, Jamnagar. This expressway connects three states Punjab, Rajasthan, and Gujrat. As of February 2020, it's under construction. This will be the longest expressway in India.

2. Delhi–Mumbai Expressway: This expressway connects Delhi and Mumbai (Maharashtra). It's about 1250 KM long. This passes from Delhi, Gurugram, Alwar, Kota, Ratlam, Vadodra, and Mumbai. This expressway connects six states Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, and Mumbai. This expressway is under construction as of May 2020 and expected to completed by 2022. This will be the second-longest expressway in India.

3. Mumbai–Nagpur Expressway: This expressway connects Mumbai (Maharashtra) and Nagpur (Maharashtra). It's near about 436 KM. This passes from Mumbai, Thane, Nasik, Ahmednagar, Jalna, Aurangabad, Buldana, Washim, Amravati, Wardha, and Nagpur.

4. Ganga Expressway: Ganga expressway connects western and eastern areas of Uttar Pradesh. This will be near about 600 Km long. The cities connected by these expressways will be PrayagRaj, Rai Bareilly, Lucknow, Kanpur, Kanauj, Hardoi, Farrukhabad, Badaau, Amroha, and Meerut.


5. Delhi–Amritsar–Katra Expressway: This expressway connects Delhi and Katra. This is about 575 km long. This expressway passes through five states that are Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu, and Kashmir. The cities connected by this expressway are Delhi, Jhajjar, Sonipat, Rohtak, Jind, Karnal, Kaithal, Patiala, Sangrur, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Kapurthala, Gurdaspur, Jammu, and Katra.


6. Raipur–Vishakhapatnam Expressway: This expressway connects Raipur and Vishakhapatnam. This is about 465 km long. This expressway passes through three states Chhatisgarh, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh. The cities connected by this expressway are Raipur-Durg, Kurood, Dhamtari, Kanker, KondaGaon, Koraput, Navratnpur, Tumbigura, Sabbvaram, and Vishakhapatnam.

7. Mumbai–Vadodara Expressway: This expressway connects Mumbai and Vadodra. This is about 380 km long. This expressway passes through two states Mumbai and Gujrat. The cities connected by this expressway are Vapi, Navsari, Surat, Bharuch, and Vadodara.

8. Purvanchal Expressway: This expressway connects Lucknow and Ghazipur. This is about 365 km long. This expressway is in Uttar Pradesh. The major cities connected by this expressway are Lucknow, Barabanki, Amethi, Sultanpur, Faizabad, Ambedkar Nagar, Azamgarh, Mau, Balia, and Ghazipur.


9. Bundelkhand Expressway: This expressway connects Bharatkoop (Chitrakoot) and Kudrail village (Etawah). This is about 296 km long. This is in Uttar Pradesh. The major cities connected by this expressway are Banda, Urai, Oriya, Kudrail, and Etawah.

10. Delhi–Jaipur Expressway: This expressway connects Delhi and Jaipur. This is about 195 km long. This expressway passes through three states Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan. The major cities connected by this expressway are Kherki Daula, Manesar, Pataudi, Rewari, Jhajjar, Behror, Kotputli, Shahpura, and Jaipur.  

Apart from these, there are other expressways divided into four categories.

1. Currently running/ Operational expressways.

2. Under construction expressways.

3. Planned/Proposed expressways.

4. Planned expressways under the BharatMala project.

1. Currently running/ Operational expressways:

There is a total of 26 expressways that are running currently. Below is a list of the expressways which are running currently.

1.1. Yamuna Expressway: Length: 165 km   Completion Year: 2012   State: Uttar Pradesh
1.2. Western Peripheral Expressway: Length: 136 km   Completion Year: 2018   State: Haryana
1.3. Western Freeway (Mumbai): Length: 29 km   Completion Year: 2009   State: Maharashtra
1.4. Panipat Elevated Expressway: Length: 10 km   Completion Year:  2008   State: Haryana
1.5. P.V. Narasimha Rao Expressway: Length: 11.6 km   Completion Year: 2009   State: Telangana
1.6. Outer Ring Road, Hyderabad:Length: 158 km   Completion Year:  2018   State: Telangana
1.7. Outer Ring Road, Chennai: Length: 60 km   Completion Year: 2014   State: Tamil Nadu
1.8. Noida–Greater Noida Expressway: Length: 24.5 km   Completion Year: 2012   State: Uttar Pradesh
1.9. Mumbai–Pune Expressway: Length: 94.5 km   Completion Year: 2002   State: Maharashtra
1.10. Jaipur Elevated Road: Length: 8 km   Completion Year: 2014   State: Rajasthan
1.11. IT Expressway: Length: 20 km   Completion Year: 2008   State: Tamil Nadu
1.12. Hindon Elevated Road: Length: 10.3 km   Completion Year: 2018   State: Uttar Pradesh
1.13. Himalayan Expressway: Length: 27.1 km   State: Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh
1.14. Guntur-Vijayawada Expressway: Length: 32 km   State: Andhra Pradesh
1.15. Elevated Road Amritsar: Length: 4.5 km   Completion Year: 2014   State: Punjab
1.16. Eastern Peripheral Expressway (National Expressway 2): Length: 135 km   Completion Year: 2018   State: Uttar Pradesh, Haryana
1.17. Eastern Freeway (Mumbai): Length: 16.8 km   Completion Year: 2013   State: Maharashtra
1.18. Delhi–Noida Direct Flyway: Length: 9.2 km   Completion Year: 2001   State: Delhi, Uttar Pradesh
1.19. Delhi–Meerut Expressway: Length: 31 km   Completion Year: 2018   State: Delhi, Uttar Pradesh
1.20. Delhi–Gurgaon Expressway: Length: 27.7 km   Completion Year: 2008   State: Delhi, Haryana
1.21. Delhi–Faridabad Skyway: Length: 4.4 km   Completion Year: 2010   State: Delhi, Haryana
1.22. Chennai Bypass: Length: 32 km   Completion Year: 2010   State: Tamil Nadu
1.23. Belghoria Expressway: Length: 8 km   Completion Year: 2012   State: West Bengal
1.24. Bangalore Elevated Tollway(National Expressway 1): Length: 9.9 km   Completion Year: 2010   State: Karnataka
1.25. Ahmedabad–Vadodara Expressway: Length: 93.1 km   Completion Year: 2004   State: Gujarat
1.26. Agra–Lucknow Expressway: Length:  302 km   Completion Year: 2017   State: Uttar Pradesh

2. Under construction expressways

There is a total of 29 expressways that are under construction currently. Below is a list of the expressways which are under construction currently.

2.1. Wazirabad–Mayur Vihar Elevated Expressway: Length: 18 km   State: Delhi NCR    
2.2. Sohna Elevated Corridor: Length: 21 km   State: Delhi NCR
2.3. Raipur–Vishakhapatnam Expressway: Length: 465 km    State: Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh
2.4. Purvanchal Expressway: Length: 340.824 km   State: Uttar Pradesh
2.5. Peripheral Ring Road: Length: 65.5 km    State: Karnataka
2.6. Mumbai–Nagpur Expressway: Length: 701 km   State: Maharashtra
2.7. Mumbai–Vadodara Expressway(National Expressway 4): Length: 380 km   State: Maharashtra, Gujarat, Dadra, and Nagar Haveli
2.8. Mumbai Trans Harbour Link: Length: 21.8 km    State: Maharashtra
2.9. Ludhiana Elevated corridor: Length: 13 km   State: Punjab
2.10. Lucknow Outer Ring Road: Length: 94 km    State: Uttar Pradesh
2.11. Loknayak Ganga Path: Length: 21.5 km   State: Bihar
2.12. Kanpur–Lucknow Expressway: Length: 66 km   State: Uttar Pradesh
2.13. Gorakhpur Link Expressway: Length: 91 km   State: Uttar Pradesh
2.14. Gangheri Narnaul Expressway: Length: 230 km   State: Haryana
2.15. Ganga Expressway: Length: 628 km   State: Uttar Pradesh
2.16. Faridabad–Noida–Ghaziabad Expressway: Length: 56 km   State: Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh
2.17. Delhi–Jaipur Expressway: Length: 195.1 km   State: Haryana, Rajasthan
2.18. Dwarka Expressway: Length: 27.6 km   State: Delhi, Haryana
2.19. Delhi–Mumbai Expressway: Length: 1,352 km    State: Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh
2.20. Delhi–Meerut Expressway: Length: 65 km   State: Delhi, Uttar Pradesh
2.21. Delhi–Amritsar–Katra Expressway: Length: 575 km    State: Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu, and Kashmir
2.22. Coastal Road (Mumbai): Length: 29.2 km   State: Maharashtra
2.23. Chennai Port–Maduravoyal Expressway: Length: 19 km   State: Tamil Nadu
2.24. Bundelkhand Expressway: Length: 296 km    State: Uttar Pradesh
2.25. Bangalore–Mysore Infrastructure Corridor: Length: 111 km    State: Karnataka
2.26. Amritsar–Jamnagar Expressway: Length: 1,430 km   State: Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat
2.27. Amritsar Northern Bypass:  Length: 26 km   State: Punjab
2.28. Airoli–Katai Naka Freeway: Length: 12.3 km   State: Maharashtra
2.29. Ahmedabad–Dholera Expressway: Length: 110 km   State: Gujarat

3. Planned/Proposed expressways:

There is a total of 16 expressways that are planned to be constructed. Below is a list of the expressways which are under planning as of June 2020.

3.1. Upper Ganga Canal Expressway: Length: 150 km   State: Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand
3.2. Raipur–Bilaspur Expressway: Length: 127 km   State: Chhattisgarh
3.3. Narmada Expressway: State: Length: 1,300 km   State: Madhya Pradesh
3.4. Nagpur–Hyderabad–Bengaluru Expressway: Length: 1,100 km   State: Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka
3.5. Kurnool Feeder Expressway: Length: 123.7 km   State: Andhra Pradesh
3.6. Kadapa Feeder Expressway: Length: 104.05 km   State: Andhra Pradesh
3.7. GMADA Expressway: Length: 284 km   State: Chandigarh, Haryana, Punjab
3.8. Delhi–Dehradun Elevated Expressway: Length: 180 km   State: Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand
3.9. Delhi–Chandigarh Expressway: Length: 249 km   State: Delhi, Chandigarh, Haryana, Punjab
3.10. ORR Chennai, Phase II: Length: 33.1 km   State: Tamil Nadu
3.11. Chennai Elevated Expressways: Length: 10 km   State: Tamil Nadu
3.12. Chambal Expressway: Length: 185 km   State: Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh
3.13. Bangalore–Mysore Infrastructure Corridor: Length: 111 km   State: Karnataka
3.14. Bangalore–Chennai Expressway: Length: 240 km   State: Karnataka, Tamil Nadu
3.15. Amaravati–Anantapur Expressway: Length: 371.03 km   State: Andhra Pradesh
3.16. Outer Ring Road, Amaravati: Length: 220 km   State: Andhra Pradesh

4. Planned expressways under BharatMala project

There is a total of 11 expressways that are planned to be constructed under the BharatMala project. Below is a list of the expressways which are under planning in the BharatMala project as of June 2020.

4.1. Varanasi–Ranchi–Kolkata Expressway: State: Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, West Bengal
4.2. Salem–Chengapalli Expressway:  State: Tamil Nadu
4.3. Pathankot–Ajmer Expressway: State: Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab
4.4. Mangaluru–Chitradurga Expressway: State: Karnataka
4.5. Kharagpur–Siliguri Expressway: State: West Bengal
4.6. Gurugram–Faridabad Expressway: State: Haryana  
4.7. Durg–Arang Expressway: State: Chhattisgarh
4.8. Delhi–Hisar Expressway: State: Haryana
4.9. Delhi–Bilaspur Expressway: State: Himachal Pradesh
4.10. Chennai–Salem Expressway: State: Tamil Nadu
4.11. Ambala–Narnaul Expressway: State: Haryana

Statewise list of expressways of India (As of June 2020)

Below you can find a list of expressways in any state of India. 

1. Andhra Pradesh
Total: 8
Operational: 1 (Guntur-Vijayawada Expressway)
Under construction: 1 (Raipur–Vishakhapatnam Expressway)
Planned: 6 (Outer Ring Road, Amaravati, Amaravati–Anantapur Expressway, Kadapa Feeder Expressway, Kurnool Feeder Expressway, Nagpur–Hyderabad–Bengaluru Expressway)

2. Arunachal Pradesh
Total: 0

3. Assam
Total: 0

4. Bihar
Total: 1
Operational: 0
Under construction: 1 (Loknayak Ganga Path)
Planned: 0

5. Chhattisgarh
Total: 3
Operational: 0
Under construction: 1 (Raipur–Vishakhapatnam Expressway)
Planned: 2 (Raipur–Bilaspur Expressway, Durg–Arang Expressway)

6. Goa
Total: 0

7. Gujarat
Total: 5
Operational: 1 (Ahmedabad–Vadodara Expressway)
Under construction: 4 (Ahmedabad–Dholera Expressway, Delhi–Mumbai Expressway, Mumbai–Vadodara Expressway, Amritsar–Jamnagar Expressway)
Planned: 0

8. Haryana
Total: 19
Operational: 6 (Delhi–Faridabad Skyway, Delhi–Gurgaon Expressway, Panipat Elevated Expressway, Western Peripheral Expressway, Himalayan Expressway, Eastern Peripheral Expressway)
Under construction: 7 (Dwarka Expressway, Delhi–Amritsar–Katra Expressway, Faridabad–Noida–Ghaziabad Expressway, Gangheri Narnaul Expressway, Delhi–Jaipur Expressway, Delhi–Mumbai Expressway, Amritsar–Jamnagar Expressway)
Planned: 6 (Delhi–Chandigarh Expressway, GMADA Expressway, Ambala–Narnaul Expressway, Delhi–Hisar Expressway, Gurugram–Faridabad Expressway, Pathankot–Ajmer Expressway)

9. Himachal Pradesh
Total: 2
Operational: 1 (Himalayan Expressway)
Under construction: 0
Planned: 1 (Delhi–Bilaspur)

10. Jharkhand
Total: 1
Operational: 0
Under construction: 0
Planned: 1 (Varanasi–Ranchi–Kolkata Expressway)

11. Karnataka
Total: 7
Operational: 1 (Bangalore Elevated Tollway)
Under construction: 2 (Bangalore–Mysore Infrastructure Corridor, Peripheral Ring Road)
Planned: 4 (Bangalore–Chennai Expressway, Bangalore–Mysore Infrastructure Corridor, Nagpur–Hyderabad–Bengaluru Expressway, Mangaluru–Chitradurga Expressway)

12. Kerala
Total: 0

13. Madhya Pradesh
Total: 3
Operational: 0
Under construction: 1 (Delhi–Mumbai Expressway)
Planned: 2 (Chambal Expressway, Narmada Expressway)

14. Maharashtra
Total: 10
Operational: 3 (Eastern Freeway, Mumbai–Pune Expressway, Western Freeway)
Under construction: 6 (Delhi–Mumbai Expressway, Airoli–Katai Naka Freeway, Coastal Road (Mumbai), Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, Mumbai–Nagpur Expressway, Mumbai–Vadodara Expressway)
Planned: 1 (Nagpur–Hyderabad–Bengaluru Expressway)

15. Manipur

Total: 0

16. Meghalaya

Total:  0

17. Mizoram
Total: 0

18. Nagaland
Total: 0

19. Odisha
Total: 1
Operational: 0
Under construction: 1 (Raipur–Vishakhapatnam Expressway)
Planned: 0

20. Punjab
Total: 9
Operational: 2 (Elevated Road Amritsar, Himalayan Expressway)
Under construction: 4 (Delhi–Amritsar–Katra Expressway, Amritsar Northern Bypass, Ludhiana Elevated corridor, Amritsar–Jamnagar Expressway)
Planned: 3 (Delhi–Chandigarh Expressway, GMADA Expressway, Pathankot–Ajmer Expressway)

21. Rajasthan
Total: 5
Operational: 1 (Jaipur Elevated Road)
Under construction: 3 (Delhi–Jaipur Expressway, Delhi–Mumbai Expressway, Amritsar–Jamnagar Expressway)
Planned: 1 (Pathankot–Ajmer Expressway)

22. Sikkim
Total: 0

23. Tamil Nadu
Total: 9
Operational: 3 (Chennai Bypass, IT Expressway, Outer Ring Road)
Under construction: 1 (Chennai Port–Maduravoyal Expressway)
Planned: 5 (Bangalore–Chennai Expressway, Chennai Elevated Expressways, ORR Chennai- Phase II, Chennai–Salem Expressway, Salem–Chengapalli Expressway)

24. Telangana
Total: 3
Operational: 2 (Outer Ring Road- Hyderabad, P.V. Narasimha Rao Expressway)
Under construction: 0
Planned: 1 (Nagpur–Hyderabad–Bengaluru Expressway)

25. Tripura
Total: 0

26. Uttar Pradesh
Total: 18
Operational: 7 (Delhi–Meerut Expressway, Delhi–Noida Direct Flyway, Agra–Lucknow Expressway, Hindon Elevated Road, Noida–Greater Noida Expressway, Yamuna Expressway, Eastern Peripheral Expressway)
Under construction: 8 (Faridabad–Noida–Ghaziabad Expressway, Delhi–Meerut Expressway, Bundelkhand Expressway, Ganga Expressway, Gorakhpur Link Expressway, Kanpur–Lucknow Expressway, Lucknow Outer Ring Road, Purvanchal Expressway)
Planned: 3 (Delhi–Dehradun Elevated Expressway, Upper Ganga Canal Expressway, Varanasi–Ranchi–Kolkata Expressway)

27. Uttarakhand
Total: 2
Operational: 0
Under construction: 0
Planned: 2 (Delhi–Dehradun Elevated Expressway, Upper Ganga Canal Expressway)

28. West Bengal
Total: 3
Operational: 1 (Belghoria Expressway)
Under construction: 0
Planned: 2 (Varanasi–Ranchi–Kolkata Expressway, Kharagpur–Siliguri Expressway)

Union territories wise list of expressways of India (As on June 2020)

Below you can find a list of expressways in any union territories of India. 

1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Total: 0 

2. Chandigarh
Total: 2
Operational:  0
Under construction: 0
Planned: 2 (Delhi–Chandigarh Expressway, GMADA Expressway)

3. Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu
Total: 1
Operational:  0
Under construction: 1 (Mumbai–Vadodara Expressway)
Planned:  0

4. Delhi - National Capital Territory of Delhi
Total: 12
Operational: 4 (Delhi–Faridabad Skyway, Delhi–Gurgaon Expressway, Delhi–Meerut Expressway, Delhi–Noida Direct Flyway)
Under construction: 6 (Sohna Elevated Corridor, Wazirabad–Mayur Vihar Elevated Expressway, Dwarka Expressway, Delhi–Amritsar–Katra Expressway, Faridabad–Noida–Ghaziabad Expressway, Delhi–Meerut Expressway)
Planned: 2 (Delhi–Chandigarh Expressway, Delhi–Dehradun Elevated Expressway)

5. Jammu and Kashmir
Total: 1
Operational: 0
Under construction: 1 (Delhi–Amritsar–Katra Expressway)
Planned: 0

6. Lakshadweep
Total: 0

7. Ladakh 
Total:  0

8. Puducherry
Total: 0


Some other important facts -

1. State with the maximum number of expressways: Haryana

2. States with no expressways are: Arunachal Pradesh,  Assam,  Goa,  Kerala,  Manipur,  Meghalaya,  Mizoram,  Nagaland,  Sikkim,  Tripura,  Andaman, and the Nicobar Islands,  Lakshadweep,  Ladakh, Puducherry

3. State with the maximum number of running expressways: Uttar Pradesh